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You are trying to be a hero. All characters must be good in alignment.
Character Creation: We will be using a 20 point buy.
Choose a race
Choose a class
Determine your ability scores with a 20 Point Buy, no skills starting at over 19 or under 6.
Allocate Skill ranks and see the custom Skill rules
Check out feats and traits
Get Hit points
Find your starting package
If you have spells or plan on getting spells check the spells link out.
Fill out the rest of your stuff.
3rd party stuff will be accepted on a case by case basis.

We will be doing Medium Advancement track, though I may tether your experience if you are leveling outside the range of a chapter before its over.

I will be allowing retraining with the following change. All financial costs are multiplied by 5.

Boons: Each chapter you can earn boon(s). You can have one chapter boon active at a time. You can change them for the chapter you are in once per week. Once you advance to the next chapter you must choose which boons you are bringing into that chapter. You will keep those boons until the next chapter, where you can switch them again.

Main Page

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