No Spells Above 5th (but see exceptions below), though you continue to get spell slots.

All of the following spells are banned from play:
Blood Money
Teleport, Lesser Planar Binding, Lesser Planar Ally, Animate Dead
Any Planar shifting or astral spell
Make Whole or friends.
Overland Flight, Fly, Levitate, reverse gravity
Diety Based Divination
Infernal Healing, Tongues, Comprehend Languages, create water
Liveoak Staff
Blindness/Deafness, Gentle Repose
Mount, Phantom Steed, Phantom Chariot
True Strike, Silence, Sleep
Masterwork Transformation
Feeblemind, Magic Jar
Charm Person, Command Undead, Color Spray, Stinking Cloud, Suggestion
Hut/mansion spells
Dominate Person/Monster
Probably more spells I didn’t see, as there are new ones all the time!

Summoning: You can continue to take higher level summons past level 5, they are all considered exceptions. With no real easy tie to the planes, all outsiders are off the summon monster list, and all beasties loose their celestial, fiendish, etc stuff. To make up for that any creature that would normally summoned with a template, is automatically treated as if the summoner had augment summoning. If the caster does have augment summoning, these bonuses go up by two. For instance, a Crocodile summoned with summon monster 7 would get this bonus (as he loses a template), but an Emkrah would not (as he doesn’t get a template anyway). All because of the massive lost to the summon list, all alternate summons are legal for everyone.

Exceptions – if the following spells appear on more than one list, they are excused for that list as well:
Wizard 6
Dispel Magic Greater
True Seeing
Greater Heroism
Chain Lightning
Curse, Major
Beast Shape IV

Wizard 7
Spell Turning
Arcane Sight, Greater
Shadow Conjuration, Greater
Plant Shape III

Wizard 8
Moment of Prescience
Shadow Evocation, Greater
Giant Form II

Cure Moderate Wounds, Mass
Cure Serious Wounds, Mass
Restoration, Greater
Cure Critical Wounds, Mass

Move Earth
Wall of STone
Fire Storm


Quest For More Glory underableedingsun