starting package

Each Class Starts with 75 Gold to purchase your starting gear.

You also start off with:

  • The Famous Adventures Correspondence School Basic Field Manual (ask and I will send it to you)
  • 4 trail rations
  • 1 full waterskin
  • 1100 G. Mark Bill: A bill for 1100 G. Marks, owed to the Famous Adventurers’ Academy. The reasons given on the bill may be, depending on the character’s backstory, a.) The cost of completed coursework; b.) The cost of damages to the academy; or c.) The cost of admission to the academy which, due to the time when the student was removed from the grounds, could not be refunded.
  • A dagger, a quarterstaff or a sap.
  • An outfit worth under 10 gold.

The following classes also receive the following:

Barbarian: 2 Darts

Bard: A common musical instrument

Cleric: An iron holy symbol

Druid: 6 days of feed

Fighter: A short Spear

Paladin: A wooden holy symbol

Ranger: 2 Javelins

Rogue: 5 lockpicks (not a kit, each one breaks on a failure of five or more). The thieves guild secret handshake, not to be taught to outsiders.

Sorcerer: A spell component pouch

Wizard: A spell component pouch

Alchemist: 2 flasks and an iron vial

Cavalier: 6 days of feed

Inquisitor: An iron holy symbol

Magus: Spell Component pouch

Oracle: A wooden holy symbol

starting package

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