Pick two traits. No faction, campaign, Regional or religion traits. Can only choose traits that don’t have a golarion tie in background, mostly this will effect faith traits that worship cults and the like.

You may also choose a Quest For More Glory Trait:

A little bit of magic user: You gain the minor magic rogue talent.

A little bit of rogue: You gain a +1 on disable device and perception. One of these is always a class skill.

A little bit of fighter: You gain proficiency with all shields except tower shields.

A little bit of paladin: Once per day at level 2 you can touch yourself as a swift action, healing 1d6, and healing an additional 1d6 for every 3 levels you have (5, 8, 11, etc.)

I’m a hybrid: Pick a second favored class, which can be a PRC. You may pick a favored class bonus when advancing in either favored class.

Somewhere way off world: Pick a single feat, racial archetype, prestige class, favored class option or trait that belongs to a race that is NOT one of the races currently in the game. You are considered to be of that race to qualify for that single feat, archetype, prc, favored class option or trait ONLY! You must still meet all other prerequisites to take it.


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