Your parents protested your dream to become a hero, but ultimately conceded to let you train. You have just completed his Famous Adventurer’s Correspondence School course. You have just become a proud and eager new graduate, with honors. You began your first and only visit to his town’s Adventurer’s Guild Hall and read the quest board looking for a hero for the land of Spielburg. You joined together with the few other proud new graduates and decided to seek your fame, fortune and glory in Spielburg. You all leave your Eastern home of Willowsby and travel to Spielburg.

You arrive outside the mountain path leading into the city, heavy snow piled up high on both sides of the pathway. There is a sign pointing inside that says : “Spielburg 3 Miles” There is a sharp line drawn through the 3 miles with an arrow pointing the other way. Obviously, this is a forgery, as the sign is a clearly shaped arrow pointing through the passageway. Obviously, these people are idiots, so this is going to be easy, right?

Quest For More Glory